A new version is coming soon.
The new release of the Cuby Corey 4.0 will be available to our customers very soon in January 2019 and promises to be the most successful. Why is 4.0 being released, since the latest version was 2.0? We decided to skip one version, because during the development of version 3.0, we decided to completely change the concept of development and redo our framework completely. What to wait from the new version of the framework? Expected a huge number of updates to modules, plug-ins and widgets. Adding new functionality to each of them. A more flexible configuration of each of the modules will also be available. Improved speed of the site and the processing of requests.   Fixed all possible known vulnerabilities. Working with modules will become much more convenient. Many non-standard modules will now initially be integrated into the standard package. Reducing the time to develop new modules for the order from 3 weeks to 1 week. Reducing the minimum time to develop a new website from zero will be reduced from 5 weeks to 3 weeks.


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